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A Note from Nick, our brand new Event Manager...

My Romantic Relationship with Meat:Stack...

Having first discovered Meat:Stack back in October 2016 when they moved into the Grainger Market it was love at first bite (see what I did there?). I then went on a Meat:Stack rampage of telling everyone at work about it whilst also eating there more times than I should, by the time I was on first name terms with them all before the end of 2016 I knew I was in trouble.

Anyways, since then I have been a massive fan and have continued to push their tasty treats onto anyone that would happen to be in my presence whilst they were open. At the start of 2020 I quit my job and had planned on starting my new one in May though as we all know that was (in hindsight) absolutely foolish and meant that I found myself between jobs. Thankfully knowing how much I loved Meat:Stack and my background in hospitality I started working with them 4 days a week in July at the flagship store on the Bigg Market.

Like all summer romances fueled by excess, sunshine and service they must come to an end as both parties go their separate ways whilst daydreaming of each other. Though starting my new job I knew something wasn’t right and with another lockdown I found myself pining for my summer lover and wouldn't you just know they wanted me back too.

So like all good relationships we have settled down and bought ourselves a van, I can't wait to share my love for the cheeseburgers with the masses and maybe kick start some of your love affairs with Meat:Stack. If you are interested in booking the van for any type of event then please do just click here as we are accepting bookings all over the UK and Ireland.

As mentioned in the earlier Instagram post, I am Scottish and handsome (and modest). Though maybe that's not what is important when it comes to running a burger van? Here are some more petenant details:

My favorite signature stack is the Yellowstone, the baconnaise is ridiculous and name me one meal that isn't improved by adding a hash brown that is cooked in beef dripping? My favourite special stack is the Plucky, Haggis on a burger need I say more? I do need to say a wee bit more, the chippy sauce it's like a taste of home and….

Allan here folks.. Going to have to stop you there Nick…. i've had to censor this part of the blog im afraid.

Looking forward to making your event or celebrations memorable for you and your guests. Click Here to find out more

Meaty love,

Nick x


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