Beefing it up..

After months of sampling and testing we have now rolled out our brand new bespoke rare and traditional breed, dry aged beef across all of our sites. We have found what we think is the perfect mix of chuck, brisket and fat to bring the tastiest and juiciest patties for our cheeseburgers that we have ever had!

100% beef patties smashed into a raging hot grill

Step up Taste Tradition who are award winning farmers and butchers who specialise in rare breeds and native British breeds of beef.

Managing Director, Charles Ashbridge is the fourth generation farmer and he knows his stuff. "The traditional breeds naturally carry more fat and being grass fed over many months creates amazing marbling in the beef. Burgers need a certain amount of fat and the natural marbling running through the beef is far superior to simply adding additional fat to the recipe. In Taste Tradition's butchery the beef is matured in a dedicated maturation chiller complete with Himalayan rock salt to maximise the beefy flavour."

Company director, James Wright is the fourth generation butcher and oversees the butchery side of the business. "There are no short cuts to making really good burgers. Any burger is only as good as the cuts of beef that are used to make it. By using traditional breeds of beef, proper dry ageing methods and carefully choosing only brisket and chuck means the blend only needs mincing once which retains a more natural texture rather than the paste like texture of mass produced burgers."

We are constantly working hard to improve our products just as much as developing new ones. The beef is the core of what we do and being obsessive about the simplicity and clarity of flavour within all of our cheeseburgers, having the perfect patty is essential.

Get yourself to the Bigg Market to give it a try! For more information on Taste Tradition visit

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