Where do we get our beef from? Block and Bottle of course...

Two of the most important things to us at Meat:Stack are the quality of our food and supporting local businesses wherever we can. We aren't just obsessed with consistency, we also constantly strive to improve our offering and stay ahead of the game. The beef in our Cheeseburgers is probably the most important ingredient we source and we are delighted to announce that we are now working with local multi award winning free-range butchers Block and Bottle to produce what we think are the tastiest and juiciest patties for our cheeseburgers that we have ever had!

100% beef patties smashed into a raging hot grill

Based in Gateshead and now Heaton, we have worked with Block and Bottle for as long as we can remember for sausage patties for our breakfast muffins and occasional specialities such as chorizo, black pudding and pastrami. Throughout this time we have always discussed the beef and its great to finally get it over the line.

Owners Katie and Steven "Here at Block & Bottle we’ve been supplying the people of the North East with Free Range, Grass Fed Meat and craft beer since 2017. We started in a railway arch in Gateshead with just two of us and in 2020 made the move over the river to our new home on Heaton Road with an incredible team working in the shop and on the production sides of the business.

We’ve been huge fans of Meat:Stack since the very beginning, and have a slight obsession with their Yellowstone burger with a side of Parmesan Truffle Garlic Fries! Since we first opened we’ve always wanted to work with these burger legends, so we were absolutely buzzing when it finally happened!

We dry age all of our beef for a minimum of 30 days in our Dry Ageing Chamber which has a 200KG Himalayan Salt Wall installed, which gives the beef an incredible flavour and texture.

Our beef is sourced from local farms in Country Durham. We don’t stick to one breed but look at each animal individually to make sure it meets our standards of animal husbandry, fat and flavour. For Meat:Stack’s patties we use whole sides of beef that are broken down by our skilled butchers, triple minced and then balled. This process gives them the perfect bind for Meat:Stack’s illustrious smashed and steamed burgers."

Our Director of Food Charlie added - "We are constantly working hard to improve our products just as much as developing new ones. The beef is the core of what we do and being obsessive about the simplicity and clarity of flavour within all of our cheeseburgers, having the perfect patty is essential. The quality of the beef that Block and Bottle are now providing us is as good as it gets and we are delighted to be working with a local business and sourcing all of our meat locally"

Get yourself to the Bigg Market now to give it a try!

For more information on Block and Bottle visit https://blocknbottle.com Or you can find them at Block & Bottle, 188 Heaton Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 5HP

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