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Thanks for completing the survey and being honest with us! We'll be taking some time now to digest the information and will act on anything that isn't right as soon as we can. Don't forget you can leave feedback any time you like with our team or via our website, you don't need to wait for a survey!

Now time for your reward. Please read the T's and C's then fill out the form below and we'll put your name on the list in our Bigg Market shop to claim your free West Coast Classic any time from 1st - 28th February.

T's and C's

  • The free burger is a double West Coast Classic or vegan alternative only.

  • Burger only included, any sides must be bought separately.

  • Can only be redeemed from February 1st - 28th 2022 from the Bigg Market Meat:Stack.

  • Only one free burger per customer (those who enter twice will have their name removed from the list)

  • Burger can only be claimed in store by stating name and confirming with email address. It cannot be claimed on Deliveroo or Click and Collect.

  • We will not use your details for any reason other than stated above. You will not be added to the mailing list using this form.

  • We reserve the right to withdraw at any time.

Claim your free West Coast Classic Now!

Thanks for taking part! We've now added your name to the list so you can claim in our Bigg Market shop from 1st - 28th Feb.

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