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5 Years of Real American Cheeseburgers in 5 minutes(ish)

A short story of three friends, one mission and 5 years of cheeseburgers.

Let’s start 6 months BC (Before Cheeseburgers) – After years of conversations in pubs and burger tasting, we (Tom, Charlie & Allan) met over a coffee and discussed the idea of quitting our jobs and setting up a business selling the best cheeseburgers in Newcastle. We settled on the name ‘The Grind’ (more on that later) and that we would get something together in early 2016... It was a lovely meeting filled with ideas, hope and laughter.

Early 2016 - We visited the Quayside Market to query how we might go about having a stall on a Sunday. We met some lovely people and also a guy called Toby (he owns North Shore Coffee). He amongst others gave us some great guidance and encouragement. After this we bit the bullet and the three of us put in what felt like far too much money to buy a tent, a grill, some cool boxes, tables, knives and our first week’s stock. We were all excited and despite the odd creative difference we were all still friends…

13th March 2016 - Day one - We crammed all of our gear into a small hire van and made our way to the Quayside at 6am. We thought we were dead clever, we would definitely get a good spot as we were there first right? Everyone else showed up at 7.55am including the market inspectors and we got placed last. Obviously. We were new and we were just ‘another burger trader’. We sold about 60 burgers on that first day and proceeded to drink all of the money we took in Brewdog that evening.

October 2016 - After months of picking up small events week to week we agreed to move into No28 in Newcastle city centre so we could trade every day. Not long after opening we were delighted to get an