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At Meat:Stack we believe in working to live not living to work and as such we make sure our whole team is always paid the Real Living Wage as a minimum regardless of age, experience or role and we now have the official accreditation to go with it. The real living wage is a rate at which we, amongst a large number of businesses around the UK believe is a fair rate for our staff that meets their everyday needs.

We created Meat:Stack to shift the paradigm of fast food as we know it and our primary focus has always been on our people and on our product. We know that one is nothing without the other and this is why it is so important to us to build an incredible team to work in our restaurants. We have always been determined to invest in our team and believe that a well looked after team is in the best position to deliver a consistent product and experience to our customers, as well as delivering our vision on a daily basis.

Right now we have an incredible group who feel just as passionately about our cheeseburgers and as much as part of the journey as we do and long may it continue. From a smile at the door, to that bit of help with which burger is for you, to the kitchen preparing the food exactly how it should be and getting it to you quickly, to the cleaning staff who ensure the restaurants are clean and welcoming. We are proud of everyone who comes together on a daily basis and makes Meat:Stack what it is.

We don’t claim to always get things right and we are learning how to be the best employers we can be. Our staff have been through some difficult shifts where we have been understaffed or caught off guard but this has all been part of our learning and we can’t thank them enough for their commitment and understanding as we all grow together. When we took on the majority of our team, in July, we promised them that we wanted to be considered a leader in the field of hospitality for staff welfare. The first milestone for us in achieving this has been to get everyone on the Real Living Wage as soon as we possibly could.

The pandemic has been very tough for almost everyone and we know we wouldn’t be here without a team who believes in what we are trying to do and what we strive to be.

So, thank you to all of the lads and lasses in our team, both past and present. We can’t wait to get you all a few drinks and have a proper knees up soon, you all deserve it.


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