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Ever had a burger in a loading bay?

At last, the city is coming back to life.

We are absolutely stoked for all the bars, shops, restaurants, hairdressers & small independent shops that can open again (at least in some capacity)... There is such a nice feeling about the town at the minute.

We are lucky enough to have been able to do takeaway and delivery throughout, however we are now delighted to be able to welcome some people back to sit on our brand new(ish) loading bay parklet.

It will be open from 9am for breakfast then through both lunch and dinner and has capacity for four groups to sit down at a time including an accessible area. We are not running bookings for this, just come and see if there is a seat free. If not, you can choose to wait for one to become available, or grab a takeaway from inside the restaurant and sit elsewhere on the Bigg Market or further afield.

Our parklet was designed and built in partnership with NE1 using SouthernGreen for the design work and Raskl for the build and installation. It was created to offer an attractive environment in the Bigg Market to eat a cheeseburger and also to be easy on the eye. We love it and we hope you do too!

You can still order for Click & Collect as well as takeaway so generally not a lot else changes from our perspective other than you can sit on the parklet if you wish!

We cannot wait to see your daft little faces! Enjoy it, be safe and be patient with people working in shops, cafes, bars. They may be having a more stressful day than you and it costs nothing to be nice!

Also, just look at it, what a lovely place to get melted cheese all over your face :D


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